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Techforce Projects

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TechForce Projects B.V. (2016) is a Dutch for-profit consultancy specialised in developing funding proposals, project management of Public Private Partnerships, and commercialisation of new product-service combinations. Our FOCUS is on advising and supporting Dutch and international SMEs, NGOs and knowledge institutes on the following five key aspects:

  • Financial: proposal writing, project ideation, analysis of funding opportunities (grants and subsidies)
  • Operational: project partnership management and coordination of implementation of international projects;
  • Commercial: business plan development and business case modelling to demonstrate commercial viability;
  • Upscaling: mapping of scale-up opportunities, market assessments, supply chain analysis;
  • Strategy: project partnership formation and sustainable project interventions.

These five key aspects are reflected in our activities in East Africa, West Africa and Southeast Asia where we implement sustainable project intervention strategies in the areas of food security, water, circular economy and waste management. As a result, we are able to contribute to the development of the local private sector, inclusion of smallholder farmers, opportunities for women and youth, and environmental sustainability.