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News | 7 May 2020

European sustainability brings new business opportunities

Sustainable solutions that incorporate an integrated approach are central to the European Green Deal, the European Commission’s (EC) ambitious roadmap to make the European Union’s (EU) economy sustainable. Research and innovation are key to achieving this. Hein Pieper, Chair of the Dutch Rijn en IJssel Water Board and member of the Netherlands Water Partnership’s Board of Trustees, is a member of one of the 'mission boards' of Horizon Europe, the EU's new framework programme for research and innovation. He is convinced that the increasing focus on sustainability, further boosted by the Covid-19 crisis, offers great opportunities for the Dutch water sector. And the Horizon 2020 programme has a total investment budget of EUR 1 billion for this year. The deadline for the first call is 19 May.

Photo of Hein Piper for the blog on EU Green Deal