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News | 18 October 2018

Expo Live Fund will make 100 million dollars available for innovations

The Dubai 2020 EXPO is searching worldwide for persons who want to contribute to a better, sustainable world, and has made much money made available in the form of the EXPO Live Fund. This is an innovation and cooperation programme for financing, accelerating and promoting creative solutions that improve life and protect our planet at the same time.

The programme makes it possible to obtain funding up to 100,000 dollars. The funding covers innovations that focus on the sub-themes of the Dubai EXPO: mobility, sustainability and opportunity. 

Dutch organisations also qualify for funding through the Fund. Every year there are two award rounds; the second round for 2018 has just started. Previously, two Dutch companies already received a financial contribution from the EXPO Live Fund. 

The value of a financial award

The value of a financial award depends on phase of the idea, innovation or product and the scalability. In addition to funding, the EXPO Live Fund also grants access to a large network and partnerships. It also offers the possibility of bringing the product, innovation or idea to the attention of millions of visitors to the Dubai EXPO 2020, and local and international media.

Deadline and assessment 

Innovations can be submitted twice a year. You can already send in ideas for the January 2019 round. Registration will close on 2 December 2018.

Entries will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the theme and sub-themes of the Dubai EXPO
  • The innovative character 
  • The direct applicability in a community or society
  • The extent to which an innovation makes a clear difference to society or in a community
  • Feasibility and scalability 
  • Availability of a business plan

It's worth participating

The first rounds of awards have already taken place, and two Dutch innovations received funding from the EXPO Live Fund. The Dutch startup Land Life Company received funding to plant 500,000 trees in dry and eroded soil, using a new 'cocoon' technology. Designation Works also received funding. The company makes it possible for trees to grow to maturity with 90% less water, and without additional assistance.

Rebecca Braswell, director of Land Life Company: "We are able to realise our goals with the help of the EXPO Live Fund. We are starting a pilot project in Zambia and then will start in three other countries. The funding through the Fund has a huge impact on our organisation. By planting a hundred thousand trees instead of ten thousand trees, we can start operating and producing on a local level. It allows us to reduce our production costs, reduce our carbon footprint and create more jobs. Without the contribution from the EXPO Live Fund, things would never have succeeded this quickly."

Candidates who want to qualify for funding must apply before 2 December 2018. For more information, see www.expo2020dubai.com.

About Dubai EXPO 2020

The 35th universal global expo will take place in Dubai between 20 October 2020 and 10 April 2021. It is the first world exhibition in the Middle East. Under the theme 'Connecting minds, creating the future' 170 participating countries will present ideas, innovations and technologies. With an estimated number of visitors of 20-25 million, Dubai EXPO 2020 offers many opportunities and possibilities for participants and visitors. 

Dutch contribution

The Netherlands will also take part in the world exhibition under the name "Dutch Dubai". The Dutch Pavilion is dedicated to the Water-Food-Energy Nexus. As a representative from the water sector, NWP is involved in the programming and thematic approach of the Dutch participation. For more information, visit www.dutchdubai.com or contact Suzanne Tietema: s.tietema@nwp.nl