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News | 8 November 2018

Major steps forward in Beira, Mozambique

After several years of preparation, the Municipal Assembly of the port city of Beira in Mozambique approved the establishment of a company that will work on the Beira Urban Land Development, last week. The preparation phase was mostly financed by the Partners for Water Programme and the Netherlands Embassy.

The company’s objective is to make the city of Beira climate proof and reduce the risk of flooding. The company is called ‘Sociedade de Desenvolvimento da Beira, S.A.’ and it has been endowed with 400 hectares of land for residential purposes and 900 hectares close to the port for commercial and industrial estates. One of the ways in which the Netherlands supports the further development of the company is through the implementation of a pilot project to build the first new neighbourhood that will include affordable housing for lower income groups. The Dutch Commissie MER acts as an adviser for the environmental aspects of the project.

On 14 November, the Netherlands’ Ambassador to Mozambique, Mrs Henny de Vries, will visit Beira. Together with Mayor Daviz Simango – who recently won a ‘Global Cities Award’ from the Global Parliament of Mayors – she will give the green light to start the pilot project.

For more information, please contact Ben Lamoree, b.lamoree@nwp.nl.