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Partners for Water Programme

The drainblock technique
Worldwide, the risks related to water safety and water security are great. International demand for water solutions is growing, accelerated by de Sustainable Development Goals agenda 2030. Action is necessary. The Partners for Water programme offers opportunities to the Dutch water sector to support, grow and expand its international ambitions.

Over the last 15 years, NWP has been actively involved in the governmental Partners for Water Programme. Together with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, we have supported different Dutch ministries active in the field of water, Dutch Embassies worldwide, and the Dutch water sector in materialising their international water ambitions. The fourth programme period, the Partners for Water Programme 2016-2021, has been concluded on 31 December 2021 and with that NWP's involvement in the programme stopped. 

A new Partners for Water Programme for the period 2022 - 2027 (PVW - IVWW) has been set up. PVW-IVWW aims to foster water safety and security in a delta, delta city or river basin abroad. PVW-IVWW is implemented by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency on behalf of the Dutch Ministries of Infrastructure and Water Management, Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs and Climate and Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

International water ambitions – NIWA

In 2050, a large part of the world's population will live in densely populated urban deltas. These areas will be faced with a growing demand for water for household use, food production, energy transition and industrial use. At the same time, the flood risks in delta regions are high due to sea level rise and subsidence, amongst others. Climate change, urbanisation and population growth, drought and biodiversity loss require new, sustainable solutions to secure water safety and water security worldwide.

The Partners for Water programme is one of the implementation instruments to realise the Netherlands International Water Ambition (NIWA) of the Dutch government – read more in Dutch. This ambition brings together the broad water sector – government, knowledge institutes, NGOs and private sector – to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, especially the goals related to water.

The NIWA has a dual role: to strengthen water security and water safety in the world of humans, flora and fauna while at the same time facilitating the Netherlands’ contribution and maximising the Netherlands’ potential for profit.

NIWA's contribution to the SDG 2030 agenda.
With these NIWA goals the Dutch government, together with the Dutch water sector, aims to reach more than 100 million people by 2030.

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