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News | 1 November 2018

Vlog: Vincent took part in trade mission to Poland

Vincent of NWP took part in the trade mission to Poland, led by Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, between 9 and 11 October. Eighteen companies, governments and knowledge institutes active in the water sector had lively discussions with their Polish counterparts about climate resilient cities, navigable waterways, port development and circular water technology.

Multiple NWP members joined the mission of which World Waternet, SLAMdam and Janson Bridging BV share their motivations to participate. Watch the vlog.

As secretary of the International Division of Topsector Water & Maritiem, Vincent joined the mission and supported the head of the water delegation, Frank Goossensen, chair of the International Division. Upon request of the government of the Dutch NWP organised the programme for the water delegation.
If you are interested in learning more about the role of NWP within the International Division of Topsector Water&Maritiem, please contact Vincent, v.cornelissen@nwp.nl. If you would like to know more about Poland, please contact Edyta Wisniewska, e.wisniewska@nwp.nl.