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Dutch Resilience Portfolio

Urban resilience sector meeting. Photo of Dutch landscape

An initiative of the NWP Urban Resilience team, the Dutch Resilience Portfolio contains examples of international cooperation with the Dutch resilience sector in projects worldwide. These flagship projects demonstrate the different ways in which organisations in the Netherlands are joining forces with partners abroad to build resilience.

The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) will use the portfolio to exhibit the work of Dutch organisations working in the field of resilience, aiming to attract new partnerships and business opportunities. The portfolio will provide a unified narrative of the work of the Dutch resilience sector and experiences and it will serve as a revolving inventory of different specialisations within the topic of resilience.

Benefits of Participating

We hope that you will embrace this additional tool to internationally promote the work of your resilience teams. We look forward to highlighting the added value that your expertise brings to possible partners abroad and collectively show the relevant work of the Dutch resilience sector.


All business and legal entities interested in participating in the Dutch Resilience Portfolio must be registered in the Dutch commercial register via the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce.


This portfolio is conducted as part of an internal update of the services and flagship projects of our Urban Resilience network. By participating in this portfolio, you provide us with the information needed to present you to and help you make connections with potential partners.

  • Organisations can join in and discontinue participation at any time;
  • The information you provide is used to promote your activities all over the world;
  • In addition, your general expertise and flagship projects can be shared with potential parties (e.g. embassies, international financing organisations, businesses, municipality, clients) interested in your services.


For any questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact our Urban Resilience team at resilience@nwp.nl.

Submission form - Dutch Resilience Portfolio Flagship Projects

Use this form to upload your flagship projects showcasing your organisation’s work providing resilience solutions.

Flagship project

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The uploaded images will be used in the Dutch Resilience Portfolio therefore they must be of the property of the submitting organisation and and approved for distribution by the maker and, if applicable, by the people portrayed. 

If you have questions or face some difficulties when submitting this form, please contact us. The contact details of our specialists on urban resilience are displayed in this page.
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