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Dutch Resilience Hub

Aerial view of a Dutch landscape

Working on resilience in cities, coastal communities, or rural areas? Are you a Dutch organisation or are you interested to find a Dutch partner to work on solutions to withstand climate change? Join the Dutch Resilience Hub!

The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), thanks to the support of the Partners for Water Programme, wants to drive a Dutch Resilience Hub, bringing together Dutch organisations in the private, public, knowledge, and NGO sectors doing work that directly or indirectly contributes to building resilience in cities, coastal communities, rural areas, and more.

For your organisation to be part of this network of resilience contributors, we kindly ask you to complete a brief intake. This allows us to better understand the expertise of your resilience team, what projects your organisation is interested in, the rising stars of your resilience team, and your flagship projects. By knowing your strengths, experiences, and what sets you apart, we can better promote your work at an international scale.

Why creating a Hub?

To promote our resilience strengths as a whole. By having a complete picture of the expertise and specialisations of Dutch organisations working on resilience, we can, as a unified sector, find what sets us apart and how we best: add value, promote the wide range of services of the sector to partners abroad, and find opportunities to complement each other’s work.

To connect you to matching opportunities. As the first port of call for water issues, NWP receives requests from parties around the world wishing to connect and partner up with Dutch resilience organisations working to solve specific challenges. Because of this, we want to get to know the strengths of your organisation, your approach and the type of projects that interest you to connect you with opportunities.

To form a Dutch Resilience Ecosystem. The Dutch resilience sector has a wide variety of services and solutions. From applied research guiding world-renowned modelling, to solid coastal engineering, innovation on stormwater management and flooding prevention, participatory planning for infrastructure, new ways to combat heat stress in cities, and many other solutions.

When combined, the Netherlands is producing a vibrant ecosystem of resilience solutions that can help support partners in different countries withstand the challenges brought by climate change. By coming together, Dutch resilience organisations can identify partners and create dynamic teams to seize more opportunities, exchange lessons learned from working in new markets abroad, and generate more innovation from the synergies of working together.

Who should participate?

NWP wants to include in the Dutch Resilience Hub all Dutch organisations providing resilience solutions to cities and towns, coastal communities, and rural areas. We want to capture the work of all resilience organisations working on different scales: national, regional, city, neighbourhood, or site-level. 

In addition to organisations working directly on water-related resilience topics, we also want to include organisations whose expertise can help water resilience projects get even further: data science and geospatial tools for water resilience, citizen engagement for water infrastructure projects, sustainable rural planning to strengthen the countryside, active transportation options that can help cities thrive, and other strengths that, when coupled with water resilience, can contribute to form resilient systems.

All organisations participating must have a Dutch Chamber of Commerce registration number (KvK). 

How can my organisation participate?

Dutch organisations wishing to participate have two options: 

  1. Fill in the Dutch Resilience Hub Intake. This webform will list several questions about your work in the topic of resilience to better understand your expertise, specialisations, and strengths on this topic. After your intake is processed, you will receive a confirmation from the NWP Urban Resilience team.
  2. Request an online appointment at resilience@nwp.nl to speak with a member from the NWP Urban Resilience team. They will guide you through the Dutch Resilience Hub Intake and go over any questions you may have along the process.

Will my organisation be billed for participating on this?

Your organisation will not be charged for participating in the Dutch Resilience Hub initiative and you can detract at any time by sending an email to resilience@nwp.nl.

How will my information be used?

The inventory will be used by the Urban Resilience team at NWP to identify matching opportunities for the participating organisations. It would serve as an internal ‘Yellow Pages’ for resilience. If NWP receives a request from a partner for a certain expertise matching your profile, you will be contacted by the Urban Resilience team. Similarly, if NWP notices opportunities such as tenders, competitions, possible matchmaking leads or other business opportunities, your organisation will be contacted. NWP does not sell or offer this information to third parties.

Additional questions?

Contact the Urban Resilience team at resilience@nwp.nl.

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