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Young Expert Programmes

YEP'ers visiting the Maeslantkering
Vincent Cornelissen
Vincent Cornelissen
Programme Manager YEP Programmes

Young Expert Programmes’s (YEP Programmes) mission is to create a young, renewed, inspiring international network and build expertise in the field of Water, Agrofood and renewable Energy through Dutch organisations, operating in developing countries and emerging markets. Together we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Dutch organisations are offered (financial) support to invest in human capital

The Young Expert Programmes are established to ensure the continued availability of Young Experts and their expertise for the Dutch Water, Agrofood en renewable Energy sectors within International Development in the future: invest in the development of human capital!

To achieve this, Dutch organisations (companies, knowledge institutions and NGOs) can submit a proposal for an international development aid and trade project for the deployment of a Young Expert. YEP Programmes offers financial support to Dutch organisations employing Young Experts. Young Experts open up access to a large professional network and knowledge exchange platform for the organisation via the YEP Global Network. Liaising with YEP Programmes increases the attractiveness of the organisation to high potentials, as the Young Experts receive intensive personal development training & coaching by a team of experienced professional coaches and trainers. And YEP Programmes offers support to the organisation in the recruitment process of the Dutch Young Experts, ensuring the best professional match is made.

Young Experts gaining experience abroad

YEP Programmes offer local and Dutch young professionals the opportunity to kickstart their career in an international environment and develop their personal goals for a period of 1 or 2 years. The Young Experts are supported by YEP with training & coaching sessions and gain access to YEP Global Network where they can exchange knowledge, experiences and opportunities with (alumni) Young Experts.

YEP Water, YEP Agrofood, YEP Energy and YEP Tailor-made

Young Expert Programmes consists of YEP Water, YEP Agrofood, YEP Energy and YEP Tailor-made. It all started with YEP Water in 2013, in 2015 YEP Agrofood was added, and in 2020 YEP Energy formed the latest addition. The programmes have different focus themes, but Young Experts from the different groups follow the programme in mixed groups.

YEP Tailormade is the alternative for organisations and programmes that are already funded by the Dutch government. YEP Tailor-made offers organisations the opportunity to purchase YEP's unique training and coaching programme, without making use of the financial support.

YEP Programmes Programme Bureau

Since 2013, through YEP Programmes 554 Young Experts have been employed by 146 partners in 72 countries.

YEP Programmes is coordinated by the YEP Programme Bureau. NWP acts as the Programme Bureau's lead agency. YEP is the joint endeavour of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the NWP, the Netherlands Food Partnership and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

For more information please visit www.yepprogrammes.com or download our brochure.

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