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What are you looking for?

Project Manager YEP Water & Tailor Made

Working at NWP means working to help solve global water challenges, whether it's too little, too much or too polluted. You do this by matching Dutch water expertise to international water issues. Do you want to play a role in contributing to global water solutions while creating economic opportunities? And do you want to contribute to capacity building in the water sector through working with young experts on their careers? Then read on and apply.

Want to join us? Apply now for the position of Project Officer International
Hans van den Adel
Hans van den Adel
HR & Facility Manager

As a member of the Young Expert Programmes (YEP) bureau, you are responsible for the YEP Water part within the programme and you will work on the spinoff: YEP Tailor-made. In addition, together with a financial colleague, you will be responsible for the financial reporting of the YEP Programmes as well.  We are looking for an entrepreneurial and enthusiastic colleague that helps us to continue and expand a proven concept. Not only by organising what needs to be done on an operational level but also by thinking of strategic improvements and by promoting our activities.

Our organisation

We believe we can work towards a sustainable future where over 9 billion people live well and in balance with the earth’s resources. A future that is water-driven, for society as well as for businesses. We are the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), a network of Dutch water organisations, that together co-create innovative and future-proof solutions. 

NWP is an organisation driven by networkers with an entrepreneurial mindset. We celebrate our diversity and inclusivity in who we are, how we think and how we act. We aim for personal growth matching both organisational and personal goals. The human input is well balanced, compensated and appreciated in a sustainable manner. 

The Young Expert Programme is one of the main activities of NWP. YEP’s mission is to create a young, renewed, inspiring international network and build expertise in the field of Water, Agrofood, and renewable Energy (nexus) through Dutch organisations operating in developing countries and emerging markets. Together we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Your role

As a Project Manager, you jointly coordinate the recruitment and selection process of both projects and candidates. You frequently meet with representatives of Dutch organisations or their local counterparts, (potential) candidates, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other relevant partners of YEP. You make sure that there are sufficient qualitatively good water proposals in every batch, and you see to it that all YEP Water candidates experience a smooth and well-facilitated development journey. You work closely with other colleagues within the program bureau and NWP.  As Project Manager you will promote the Programme in 2 ways:

  1. For candidates: You visit universities and job markets and inform young professionals about the possibilities to join YEP Programmes. You use online and social platforms easily to promote our activities and results.
  2. For new participating organisations (acquisition): You will actively search for new YEP partners via the NWP network and other networks. Diversifying the YEP network is an important task for the Project Manager.   

Regarding the spinoff YEP Tailor-made you create a continuous funnel of new leads to expand the number of training activities and coordinate a smooth execution of the planned projects, and you make sure that the current Tailor-made activities run smoothly.

What we offer

  • You will be working with like-minded colleagues in an international, challenging, and innovative environment.
  • A position in which you contribute to the SDGs and create opportunities for young professionals in particular.
  • A broad perspective on the Dutch and global water sector to expand your knowledge and network.
  • NWP offers you a competitive salary, good employment conditions and interesting perks.
  • Working hours are flexible and working from home is very well facilitated.
  • There’s a lot of freedom and opportunity for you to come up and execute good ideas.

What we ask

  • University work and analytical level, water or related to international development.
  • Excellent organisation, planning, financial reporting, and project management skills.
  • International working experience, preferably in developing countries.
  • Familiar with the Dutch water sector.
  • Excellent communication skills in both the Dutch and English languages.
  • Someone who enjoys networking and standing out.
  • Proactive attitude to work, someone who is comfortable taking initiative and decisions.
  • Affinity or experience with:
    • the development sector and young experts;
    • business-to-business sales and solutions.
  • An open and learning mind, and the ability to work well with a variety of people and cultures.

Please contact

  • Vincent Cornelissen, YEP Programme Manager, 070-3043716, v.cornelissen@nwp.nl or
  • Hans van den Adel, HR & Facility manager, 070 304 3730 h.vandenadel@nwp.nl for more information on profile and procedure.
  • If this position meets your profile and ambition, please apply on 9 September at the latest. Send us your motivation letter and resume in one document via the apply button. While applying online, answering the required questions only is sufficient.