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Early on, the Dutch water sector and the Dutch Government saw the need for greater collaboration, especially after the first World Water Forum in Morocco in 1997. There was no cooperation, no united message. Something needed to change. This led to the founding of the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP).

NWP is a foundation and is as such accountable to a board of trustees. Its daily operations are managed by a managing director and management team. NWP has approximately 35 professionals working at its office in The Hague.

Water Driven Future

Public-private partnership

1999 was the year: a partnership was born. NWP was founded at the behest of the Dutch Government to foster collaboration in the water sector in the Netherlands. This was not just any partnership; it was the first public-private collaboration on water in the world. Collaboration remained the main focus. NWP has looked increasingly outwards since then, building on the Netherlands’ long history of water management and strong collaborative ethic. This has brought hundreds of national and international entities in the water sector together. It is now a networking platform valued by companies, NGOs, government agencies, knowledge institutions and other entities in the Netherlands. 

Board of trustees

Each member of our board represents a branch of the water sector. This includes corporations, governments, water boards, knowledge institutions and NGOs. The board is headed by the Chairperson of NWP. The board members are listed below.

  • Chair: Dorette Corbey
  • Treasurer: Rob Steijn, Director International Water & Environment, Arcadis Nederland B.V. 
  • Board member: Johannes Boonstra, Executive Board member Wetsus
  • Board member: Joost Pâques, Global Director Business Development & Strategy, Paques Technology B.V.
  • Board member: Peter Díez, Director International Affairs, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
  • Board member: Boaz Neugebauer, Int. Business Development Manager, Bam Infra Consult BV    
  • Board member: Jelle Hannema, Director Vitens N.V.
  • Board member: Katja Portegies, Director Safety and Water, Rijkswaterstaat, Ministry of Water and Infrastructure
  • Board member: Luzette Kroon, President of the Board, Wetterskip Fryslân
  • Board member: Annemieke Beekmans, Managing Director AidEnvironment

NWP team

Our team is the first port of call for its members and international organisations looking for collaboration with the Dutch water sector. Do you have a question? Don't hesitate to contact the NWP Team