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As a low lying delta of three large rivers flowing into the North Sea, the Netherlands and water management are synonymous. The Netherlands has always looked for ways to share its knowledge and expertise and to learn from others. The Netherlands Water Partnership supports the Dutch water sector in doing so and enables it to have an even greater impact internationally through international collaborations.

Coast of Benin

Country specialists and platforms

In its role as co-implementer of several programmes of the Dutch Government, NWP arranges country-specific platforms for organisations in the Netherlands. Participants regularly meet to discuss opportunities, collaboration and ongoing activities in the country of their interest.
Aerial view of a Dutch landscape

Dutch Resilience Hub

When combined, the Netherlands is producing a vibrant ecosystem of resilience solutions that can help support partners in different countries withstand the challenges brought by climate change. By coming together, Dutch resilience organisations can identify partners and create dynamic teams to seize more opportunities, exchange lessons learned from working in new markets abroad, and generate more innovation from the synergies of working together.

NWP wants to include in the Dutch Resilience Hub all Dutch organisations providing resilience solutions to cities and towns, coastal communities, and rural areas.
Photo of Senya Beraku, Ghana


The coastal communities that live along the West-African coast are facing a range of water challenges, such as coastal erosion, floods and storm surges. To support these communities and their governments in their efforts to tackle these issues, the West-African Coastal Areas Management (WACA) Program was established by the World Bank in partnership with West-African countries, regional institutions and international organisations.

As part of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) and the World Bank that was signed in June 2020, NWP has committed itself to establishing and managing a Dutch WACA hub.

NWP NGO Water Platform

A wide variety of Dutch NGOs focus on different aspects of water management ranging from access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, enhancing sustainable water use and ecosystems management. As an integral part of NWP, the NGO Water Platform organises this key stakeholder group.
Banner of WaterTalks, a podcast of NWP.


The Dutch water sector has a lot of in-house knowledge and experience. To share knowledge with our partners but also to learn from each other, NWP runs WaterTalks, a podcast series developed in collaboration with New Business Radio and other partners to facilitate discussions between key players in the water sector. NWP offers a platform to the various perspectives from the water sector by organising conversations and discussions. In this way, we create an open dialogue that provides a different view of the Dutch sector and our work.
Homepage DWS


The website Dutchwatersector.com promotes Dutch expertise on water. Topics are climate adaptation, water technology, integrated water management and more. The website provides the latest news, interviews and cases highlighting the importance of cooperation, knowledge sharing and innovation to tackle water challenges. Dutchwatersector.com is hosted by the Netherlands Water Partnership.
Photo of the webinar on Water in Horticulture

Nutrient Platform

The Nutrient Platform is a cross-sectoral network of Dutch organisations that believe in a pragmatic approach towards nutrient recycling. Since there is no alternative for phosphorus, there is an urgent need to recover it from ‘waste’ streams, recycle it and use it more sustainably. The Nutrient Platform unites water, agriculture, waste and chemistry with the government, knowledge institutes and NGOs to achieve this goal.
Visit of a South African delegation to the Netherlands

Partner of NL Business Hubs

More Dutch entrepreneurs doing more business in more foreign markets. NLinBusiness supports Dutch companies who wish to expand internationally with practical and inspirational information about international business, including market reports and valuable tips from entrepreneurs, workshops and network events. NLinBusiness is currently building a network of NL Business Hubs, a strong ecosystem of Dutch companies and local service providers in selected Cities of Opportunity. These hubs intent to enable organisations to quickly find the right people around them so that conducting international business becomes as easy as doing business in the Netherlands.

NLinBusiness is an initiative of the Confederation of Dutch Business (VNO-NCW & MKB-Nederland) in partnership with the Dutch Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Economic Affairs, and in close cooperation with employers’ federations FME, evofenedex and Koninklijke Metaalunie.