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The flag of Argentina


Argentina is the second largest country in South America and is the third largest economy in Latin America. The country is an agricultural giant and has large freshwater and energy reserves. Due to its size and location, Argentina has to deal with different climate types, which has a major effect on water availability throughout the country. In the Buenos Aires region there are annual floods, which have a major impact on safety for both people and land use.
The Parana river of Argentina
Audrey Legat
Audrey Legat
Project Officer - Latin America, West Africa, Water & Conflict


Argentina and the Netherlands have long collaborated on water management, and this collaboration has intensified in recent years. Since January 2017, Argentina is one of the focus countries in the Partners for Water programme of the Dutch Government. Important steps in the water relationship between the governments of both countries have recently been accomplished. Areas for collaboration are water governance, urban development, river basin management and port development. Already Dutch experts are working on several projects related to water quality with the Argentinean water sector, for example drinking water quality and waste water treatment.

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