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Flag of Benin


Water is abundant in Benin but rainfall varies widely. The country faces both seasonal water shortages and floods. Benin has started an ambitious programme to provide 100% of the population with piped water and sustainable sanitation in the foreseeable future.
Raül Glotzbach
Raül Glotzbach
Project Officer International

OmiDelta programme

The Netherlands is one of Benin's most important donors in the field of water and sanitation. One programme in which the Water Support Programme is involved, is the ambitious OmiDelta programme that started at the end of 2016. The OmiDelta programme’s goals are to: provide access to clean drinking water for 500,000 people by 2021; access one million people with hygiene promotion and sanitation services; and, create a safer environment for 600,000 people in the Ouémé delta. This programme provides a platform for the Dutch water sector to share its knowledge and expertise on integrated water management, planning, operation and maintenance of water infrastructure.

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