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Flag of the Palestinian Territories

Palestinian territories


The Palestinian territories face many challenges in the area of water. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the amount of water per head of population is below the WHO standard. Improvements in the area of water management will create a cleaner environment, greater food security, economic development and employment.

Sabrina Doetjes
Sabrina Kraaijenbrink-Doetjes
Project Officer - MENA region, Water & Conflict

Areas of expertise

The policy of the Netherlands Representation in Ramallah is, one, to reduce water loss in urban areas, and two, cross-border water management. Investments are also being made in finding water-saving solutions such as purifying waste water for agricultural use. Other relevant themes of interest are: solutions for purification, waste water treatment, desalination of brackish water, rainwater collection, irrigation, nutrient use in agriculture, the use of solar energy for water-related purposes, integral water resources management and IT.

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