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Netherlands Food Partnership

Wheat field

Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP) enables powerful collaboration between relevant Dutch organisations and international partners to achieve urgent changes that contribute to sustainable food systems and nutrition security and reach SDG2 — Zero Hunger by 2030. One of these collaborative initiatives, between NWP and NFP, is the Saline Water & Food Systems Partnership.

SW&FS Partnership

Salinisation is rapidly becoming one of the biggest challenges for food production worldwide. It severely impacts crop development and growth, threatening food security, biodiversity and livelihoods of millions of people in various parts of the world. 
For this reason, the Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP) and Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) set up a partnership on ‘Saline Water & Food Systems’ (SW&FS) with the objective to strengthen cooperation between the Dutch water and agrifood sectors to address the challenge of salinity in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs). 

The overall goal of the partnership is to strengthen the cooperation of the Dutch Saline Water and Food Systems sector in the international context to address the challenge of salinity. 

Food systems approach

Complex challenges, like transforming food systems, ask for innovative approaches as traditional solutions often do not solve the underlying systemic aspects of a problem. By taking a food systems approach, NFP’s contributions will help Dutch initiatives to increase synergies and reduce negative trade-offs between social, economic and ecological food system outcomes. NFP focuses on four relevant food system challenges:

  • equal access and distribution of food,
  • healthy diets,
  • resilient ecosystems, and
  • peace, justice and stability.

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