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Water Support Programme

Photo of a pier
Sabrina Kraaijenbrink - Doetjes
Sabrina Kraaijenbrink-Doetjes
Project Manager International

The Water Support Programme 4 was an advisory programme established by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and executed by the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). In executing the Programme, NWP supported Netherlands embassies in 11 partner countries to implement water programmes.

The fourth Water Support Programme built long-term relationships between local water sectors and the Dutch water sector. Each embassy was supported by a Strategic Advisor on Water. Water Support Programme 4 ran from 2018 to the end of 2022.

The Strategic Advisors on Water were experts on the local context and facilitated access to their local networks. They were guided by sustainable development principles and acted as go-betweens for the needs of partner countries and the Netherlands embassies, and between the Netherlands embassies and the Dutch water sector.

Although NWP is no longer involved in the Water Support Programme, it still maintains country-specific expertise and local networks. If you are looking for opportunities or local contacts in certain countries, please contact us.