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Vietnam, and the Mekong Delta in particular, is one of the deltas for which intensive cooperation is sought within the Partners for Water programme of the Netherlands.


Water related challenges in the Mekong Delta are very complex. The Mekong Delta is regularly hit by typhoons, heavy rainfall and drought, and is also affected by events further upstream in the Mekong basin. The socio-economic development of the Mekong provinces is essential for the country and the Vietnamese government is paying a lot of attention to tackling the water problems. This is especially important given population growth, urbanisation and the effects of climate change. Among important challenges in the Delta are increasing salinisation, groundwater depletion and subsidence.


As part of the strategy to deal with the problems of the Mekong Delta, the Dutch and Vietnamese partners have signed a Strategic Partnership Arrangement (SPA) in 2010. WIthin the framework of this cooperation the Mekong Delta Plan was developed and accepted by Vietnam and World Bank as a guiding document for further developments of the Mekong region. Since 2010 many follow up studies and projects have been carried out. The Mekong Delta being of crucial importance for food security in Vietnam, the focus is currently on developments within the water and agrifood sector.

A Climate Adaptation Strategy was developed for Ho Chi Minh City, while further collaboration regarding implementation is being explored.

Activities for the Dutch water sector

NWP, as a liaison between the Dutch Government strategy and the Dutch water sector is closely involved in the developments, which are supported by the Programme Partners for Water. NWP is in close contact with Dutch water sector entities working in Vietnam, and informs them on the latest developments and potential opportunities via the Country Platform of the Partners for Water programme. It explores and shares new developments with the Dutch water sector and facilitates and organises activities for the sector. Read the latest country update on Vietnam.

Expanding business opportunities

NWP actively collaborates with NLinBusiness, a not for profit Dutch Business Hub network and full service platform that helps Dutch entrepreneurs (SME) to set foot in new export markets. NLinBusiness helps them to expand their international business by introducing them to relevant service providers and networks. Find out more about their services and network in Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh by visiting their dedicated web page (in Dutch) on their 'City of Opportunity – Ho Chi Minh'.

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