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Water and Agrifood

As the world’s population increases, so too the pressure on food production. Climate change, drought, flooding, rising sea level, land subsidence and salination are exacerbating the situation, as is soil depletion caused by intensive farming. In this scenario, NWP mediates to bring the expertise of the Dutch agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture sector to areas where it can be used.
Water and agrifood experts in Vietnam
Renske  Verhulst
Renske Verhulst
Project Officer - Nutrient Platform, Water and Agrifood

Why is it relevant to NWP and what is our aim?

Despite its small size, the Netherlands is the world’s second largest exporter of fruit and vegetables. One of the contributing factors for this success is its expertise in water management and agriculture, including in greenhouse cultivation. NWP sees opportunities for the Dutch water and agriculture sectors to make an impact internationally and boost food security worldwide. To this end, NWP plays a pivotal role in matchmaking between experts in the Dutch water and agriculture sectors and entities wanting to increase crop yields in regions with unreliable water supplies or salinised land. 

Some of the areas that the Dutch water sector work in are:

  • governance
  • reuse of water
  • water storage
  • efficient use of water
  • integrated water management
  • water management in greenhouse agriculture
  • collection and use of nutrients
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