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Our history

The Dutch water sector and the Netherlands Government saw the need for greater collaboration after the first World Water Forum in Morocco in 1997. This led to the founding of NWP.

Public-private partnership

NWP was founded in 1999 at the behest of the Netherlands Government to foster collaboration in the water sector in the Netherlands. Since then, building on the Netherlands’ long history of water management and strong collaborative ethic, NWP has increasingly looked outwards, and has brought hundreds of national and international entities in the water sector together. It is now a networking platform valued by companies, NGOs, government agencies, knowledge institutions and other entities in the Netherlands. 


Just some of the milestones in NWP’s history were: the World Water Forum 2 in The Hague in 2000; the coordination of the Dutch water sector’s contribution to rebuilding New Orleans in the wake of hurricane Katrina in 2006; the organisation of the successful, global first Amsterdam International Water Week in 2011 (fifth edition of the AIWW Conference in 2019); and, in collaboration with the Dutch government, promotion of the Dutch water sector abroad since 2013.