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FLag of Mozambique


Like the Netherlands, Mozambique (about 28 million inhabitants) is the most downstream country of several large transboundary rivers. Given its geographical location and the water and climate issues, many parallels can be drawn between Mozambique and the Netherlands. The countries have been working together for more than 40 years, exchanging knowledge and expertise in the field of water management.
City of Maputo, Mozambique
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Alexander van der Kaa
Project Officer - Asia, South Africa


On the back of this long cooperation between the two countries, Mozambique has been included in the Dutch Government’s delta countries approach. This approach is supported by the Partners for Water programme. One of the activities within this programme is the support to PLAMA, the Water platform in Mozambique. PLAMA’s goal is to strengthen the Mozambican water sector by stimulating the dialogue between the public and private sector and to build on the capacity within the private organisations. 

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