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Flag of Poland


The relationship between the Netherlands and Poland goes back centuries, and the Netherlands is one of the top 10 investors in Poland. Few people realise that Poland is a water country.
Round table discussion during a mission to Poland


Because of the similarities of Poland and the Netherlands, both countries can benefit from collaboration on climate adaptation, water management, port development and inland waterways, and on water technology (circular economy).

Over the next few years, EUR 106 billion will be available for European subsidies, of which nearly EUR 28 billion will be for infrastructure and the environment. The most important programmes on water will be:

  1. The World Bank on request of the Polish Ministry of the Environment programme 'Flood Management Project on the Odra and Vistula Rivers in Poland' - Budget: 1.2 Million Euros.
  2. Climate adaptation (approach or 44 cities) - Begin 2016 the first tender was published, the total amount for 2016-2022 is 700 Million Euros.
  3. Strategy on the development of inland waterways in Poland for the period of 2016-2022, with a perspective to 2030. Budget available: 15.5 Billion Euros (2016-2030).
  4. Port development Gdansk - strategic development of the Port of Gdansk including the implementation of the biggest invest programme ever in terms of size and costs. Total amound available: 2 Billion Euros (2015-2019).

Poland is a strong partner for the Netherlands and a strategic partner on water for the Eastern Europe region as well as globally.

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