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Flag of Rwanda



Rwanda is the most densely populated country in Africa, with almost 11 million inhabitants on an area of just 27,000 km2. Rwanda is developing rapidly. While extreme poverty has halved over the last decade, the poverty rate is still at 40% of the population. Despite some concern about political and democratic developments, the country is relatively stable and safe.

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Annemarie Mastenbroek
Annemarie Mastenbroek
Project Manager KIFFWA & Coordinator Ethiopia, Kenya & Rwanda

Climate change, agriculture and finance

The high rainfall means that the availability of water is not yet a significant problem. However, the country’s ambitious plans for irrigation development and industrialisation coupled with the high population growth, land degradation and the negative effects of climate change, are increasingly pushing the balance between supply and demand for water out of kilter. Coordination between the different sectors that are dependent on water is therefore a point of attention. Agriculture and power generation may also offer opportunities for the Dutch water sector, but greater knowledge of the country’s plans to finance the water infrastructure is desirable. Rwanda has a relatively good business climate, and holds the 29th position in the World Bank’s Doing Business Index.

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