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Flag of Colombia


Colombia has a stable and good business environment. Over the years, the country has suffered severe flooding due to the El Niño and El Niña phenomenon, which regrettably costed many lives and enormous social and economic damage. This urged the Colombian government to seek cooperation and knowledge exchange on water management to face these water challenges. This resulted in the establishment of the Colombian Netherlands delta cooperation in the framework of the Partners for Water programme.
Edilberto Baquero
Edilberto Baquero
Latin America, Water technology

Areas of expertise

There are opportunities for the Dutch water sector for cooperation with Colombia on integrated water management (coastal and river), flood risk management, port development, river transport, water and climate services, and water and agriculture. Several projects on water management in Colombia are already underway and some have been successfully completed.


NWP is actively involved in the collaboration with Colombia on water management, because it is one of the priority countries of the Partners for Water programme of the Dutch Government. As part of this programme, NWP amongst other activities organises the Country Platform, trade missions and conducts market studies. Furthermore, NWP advises the Dutch Government about the collaboration with Colombia taking into account The Dutch water sector point of view. Want to know more about the Colombian market? Please contact Edilberto.