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Flag of Egypt


Both being delta countries, the Netherlands and Egypt have cooperated on water for decades, largely under the direction of the Egyptian-Dutch Advisory Panel on Water Management.
The coast of Alexandria in Egypt
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Sabrina Doetjes
MENA region, Rwanda and Nutrient Platform
Daniël van Dijk
Indonesia, Philippines and Egypt

This cooperation was mainly structured within the framework of development cooperation. However, over the last three years, there has been a shift towards a government to government partnership that is creating a more sustainable form of cooperation. This includes the greater involvement of the private sector, knowledge institutes and NGOs.

Areas of expertise

Water and sanitation are high on the Egyptian Government’s agenda. It is conceivable that public investment in this sector will increase to meet the high consumption-driven demand. In addition, private sector investments are also expected to increase. These investment gives great opportunities for the Dutch water sector in Egypt. Areas of interest for the Dutch water sector are: water and agriculture; integrated water management; coastal management; drinking water and sanitation; and, water governance. There is also growing demand for cooperation on new themes such as climate adaptation.


The Egyptian-Dutch Advisory Panel on Water Management was recently incorporated in the International Water Ambition’s (IWA) delta countries approach. With the support of the Partners for Water 2016-2021 programme, NWP acts as the Secretariat for the panel. In addition, NWP coordinates the Partners for Water Country Platform. This platform unites Dutch organisations with activities in Egypt and stimulates collaboration on water between the Netherlands and Egypt.