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Hydraloop makes smart, compact, self-cleaning water recycling products that require little maintenance and are the first of their kind. The unique, patented and revolutionary technology guarantees that the disinfected water is clean, clear and safe to reuse. With Hydraloop ready-to-use products you can live your life "as always," but without depleting the earth's resources.

With a Hydraloop you can clean and reuse 85% of the water in your home. This saves 45% on your water bill. You also reduce your wastewater by 45%. With a Hydraloop you also save energy and reduce your CO2 emissions.

Hydraloop's smart solutions for households and businesses make it possible to live sustainably without sacrificing the quality of life. Hydraloop systems can also easily be combined with rainwater reuse systems. Hydraloop's solutions for buildings, offices, sports clubs and hotels bring circularity and sustainability to operations. They increase the value of properties and qualify in certification processes.

We are extremely positive about our membership and the global network and opportunities that the NWP offers! And thank you for leveraging our visibility and vision on decentralised water recycling... it all assists in our ambitious mission that within 10 years time no building will be built without it! We need to restore nature, and the coming 10 years are crucial to save our planet. I am very glad to say that sustainability is going mainstream. Let's be wise... and Use Water Twice.

Sabine Stuiver

CMO Hydraloop

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