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TKI Innovation Brokers

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Pressing challenges like climate change and the transition from a linear to a circular economy request for innovative, inclusive and sustainable solutions. Solutions that Dutch water technology companies offer. The Dutch water technology sector is renowned for its strong innovative character.

Yet, entrepreneurs and innovators sometimes experience difficulties in putting their innovations on the market. What types of financing are available? Where are the market opportunities? What institutions and instrument can help bring your innovation to the next level?

The TKI Innovation brokers that work with Water Alliance and the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) are available to help Dutch water companies answer any questions they may have about going to market in a free, tailored consultation. They can connect you to knowledge institutes and other SME’s. They know about financing opportunities and have a large network within the sector and with potential customers.

Being part of the TKI Water Technology of the Top Sector Water and Maritime (TSWM), several innovation brokers at Water Alliance and NWP are ready to help you find the right way through the Dutch knowledge and innovation landscape. The Innovation brokers primarily, but not exclusively, focus on companies working within the three topics mentioned below.

Innovation themes

1. Agriculture, Water and Food 

Companies that offer solutions for specific challenges within the agriculture, food and horticulture sector. These can be divided in challenges within the areas water quantity (such as efficiency and irrigation) and water quality (such as pesticides, nutrients and microbial pollutions, discharge) as well as winning back valuable resources and energy.

2. Energy transition & sustainability (circular economy, resource recovery) 

Companies active in the field of energy from flowing water (tidal energy, wave energy, hydropower), creating energy from temperature differences (OTEC) and energy from freshwater and salt water differences. These companies vary from technology developers to concept developers. It also includes companies active in providing circular products and services that create value from water related residues by recovering valuable resource from wastewater and water reuse.

3. Health & Care

Companies active in the field of clean and healthy water (water quality), but also companies that are able to detect and remove pathogens and drug residues from wastewater.

Tailored consultation

Request your free consultation today by contacting Matthijs Plijnaar, Project Officer Water Technology.

TKI Innovation brokers is part of the TKI Water Technology of the Top Sector Water and Maritime (TSWM). The initiative is financially supported by Netherlands Enterprise Agency and implemented by Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) and Water Alliance.

More information (in Dutch) can be found at: www.tkiwatertechnologie.nl

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