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Coast of Ghana

Ghana has been very stable economically and politically over the last few decades and, thanks to rapid economic development in recent years, is now regarded as a lower middle-income country. The new government that took office in 2017 is highly ambitious and determined to address major water related challenges like urban flooding, coastal erosion and underdeveloped irrigation schemes. Given its political stability, Ghana is also an interesting hub for the entire region.

Ghana WASH Window

The Ghana WASH Window (GWW) supports public private projects in the field of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and integrated water management in Ghana. Besides GWW there are other large programmes in the country funded by major international donors, that offer opportunities in Ghana. In terms of the private sector, water and agrifood is an important area for involvement of Dutch water technology SMEs. Opportunities are mainly identified in the drier northern part of the country, but also in the Volta Delta.


In its role for the Water Support Programme, NWP strengthens the water relationship between the Netherlands and Ghana and stimulates cooperation with the country. NWP supports the Strategic Adviser on Water of the Water Support Programme, who helps to translate the multi-annual strategic policy plan of the embassy into concrete opportunities for the Dutch sector. NWP organises the Ghana Country Platform, to stimulate the water cooperation between the Netherlands and Ghana. The platform brings together governmental, corporate, knowledge and NGO entities with interests in Ghana.

Ghana Water Platform meeting: "When Science Meets Practice" – 30 June 2021

The event gave Dutch and Ghanaian (master and PhD) students and researchers the opportunity to present their research on water related issues to the water sector in the Netherlands and Ghana. Aside from informing the water sector of the research initiatives, the aim of the event was to identify opportunities for concrete applications of research, based on the needs of the water sector. Among those invited were a broad range of organisations including, RVO, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands - Ghana, the Government of Ghana, World Bank. The report shares the key messages from the meeting.


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