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Kenya is considered a middle income country. High investments are still needed, however, to ensure sustainable access to water for the fast growing population; half of Kenya’s population does not have access to safe drinking water and acceptable sanitation. Therefore, the Kenyan Government’s priority is tipped in favour of urban water supply and sanitation and increasingly on water resources management. Kenya has a good business environment and there is broad awareness on the exact needs to bring good water projects and investors together.

Kenya as a focus country

Kenya is one of the focus countries of the Water Support Programme of the Dutch Government. This means that a Strategic Adviser on Water is appointed to help shape the new bilateral economic relationship with Kenya. NWP is one of the implementers of the programme. In this role, NWP strengthens the water relationship between the Netherlands and supports the Strategic Adviser who helps the Netherlands Embassy in implementing its Multi Annual Strategic Plan.

The goal of the current aid-based relationship between the Netherlands and Kenya is to move towards a broader relationship in which the focus will be on bilateral economic relations (trade and investments) and political cooperation.

KIFFWA, WaterWorx and the Blue Deal

In this context, the Netherlands Embassy in Kenya requested NWP to set up the Kenya Innovative Finance Facility for Water (KIFFWA). KIFFWA supports commercial water initiatives from the development stage through to 'financial closure' and implementation. KIFFWA’s unique selling point is that, besides providing capital during the development stage, it helps structuring a project as such that is becomes investment-ready and attractive for different types of financiers. In 2017, KIFFWA became an independent entity in Kenya and has now fully transitioned from establishment to operational activities.

Other programmes set up by partner organisations in cooperation with the Dutch government, such as ‘Blue Deal’ (water resources management) and ‘WaterWorX’, (drinking water - Water Operator Partnerships) will also include Kenya on their agenda's. These programmes can create additional opportunities for the Dutch water sector. 

Are you interested in the Kenyan market? Please contact Annemarie Mastenbroek to learn more and/or join the Kenya (Country) Platform.

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