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Semarang, Indonesia

Indonesia and the Netherlands have a long tradition of cooperation in the field of water. Intensive exchange of knowledge and expertise has taken place for years and many Dutch organisations have set up offices in Indonesia.

Collaboration and challenges

The Netherlands has made an important contribution to improving water management in Indonesia. Indonesia is rapidly developing into a middle income country. As a result, the relationship between both countries is turning towards a more business-oriented cooperative relationship. 

One pressing issue is soil subsidence in Jakarta and its surroundings that makes hundreds of thousands of people vulnerable to flooding. Several organisations are working hard to reduce the risk of floods. The pressure of urban expansion is exacerbating this situation. The Dutch water sector is already involved in finding solutions together with the local government and there are excellent opportunities for future activities. In addition, the governments of both countries are focusing on strategic cooperation on integrated water management in relation to the development of 'lowlands' and agriculture. Improving drinking water and sanitation has also been an ongoing area of concern, and various Dutch organisations, such as water companies, regional water authorities and knowledge institutions, have been involved in it for a long time.

Country Platform

NWP coordinates the Partners for Water Programme’s Indonesia Country Platform. The Platform provides information and support to  about 500 people from various sections of the Dutch water sector with an interest in Indonesia. The Platform aims to give them exposure in Indonesia while at the same time offering them an effective network. The Indonesia Country Platform also has a more strategic position. It is also the podium where activities as part of the collaboration between the countries, established within the Indonesia delta country approach, are shared and tested and where discussions about progress and planned developments take place. If you would like to join the Country Platform and receive updates on Indonesia, then contact NWP.


Expanding business opportunities

NWP actively collaborates with NLinBusiness, a not for profit Dutch Business Hub network and full service platform that helps Dutch entrepreneurs (SME) to set foot in new export markets. NLinBusiness helps them to expand their international business by introducing them to relevant service providers and networks. Find out more about their services and network in Indonesia and Jakarta by visiting their dedicated web page (in Dutch) on their 'City of Opportunity – Jakarta'.

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