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Key Visual Myanmar

Since 2010 when the country opened to the world, Myanmar has been developing fast. Nevertheless, at present, it is still among the poorest countries in Asia and largely dependent on bilateral relations and donors. Since 2013, the Netherlands has been working with Myanmar on Integrated Water Resources Management within the framework of a Memorandum of Understanding.


Since the country opened its market, Myanmar ─ with support from international financial institutes and development partners – has been investing heavily in infrastructure development. Urbanisation is taking place rapidly in major cities such as Yangon. Investment in port development has also received a lot of attention from the government and development partners. Myanmar is also facing increasing challenges to ensure sustainable water management in the long term in the context of rapid urbanisation and industrial activities. At the same time, capacity building and knowledge development remain crucial for sustainable development of the country. On the website Myanmar Water Portal you can find more information on water related news and activities in Myanmar.

Country Platform

As part of the Partners for Water Programme, NWP connects, supports and facilitates the Dutch water sector in approaching the local market. NWP coordinates the Partners for Water Myanmar Country Platform. The members of the Myanmar Country Platform represent various fields of expertise and sub-groups in the water sector: consultants, contractors, water management, water technologies, NGOs. Through our network, we connect potential partners for projects and work in Myanmar via workshops and seminars, keep the sector updated on the development and tender information in Myanmar.

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