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Balkan focus country Albania

The countries of the Balkan peninsula are a rising market, currently with the highest GDP growth in Europe. Albania is one of the Partners for Water (PFW) Balkan focus countries.

As part of their trajectory of becoming EU member states, the following Partners for Water (PFW) Balkan focus countries are making efforts to meet EU environmental legislation: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. These countries are developing complementary national strategies, while Croatia and Slovenia as EU member states are already implementing EU water directives.

The Dutch water sector is becoming increasingly present in the region, especially in the domains of water technology and flood risk management. The coming years offer more opportunities for the Dutch water sector to expand its activities in the region through the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans and ongoing programmes of the World Bank, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and European Investment Bank (EIB).

Areas of cooperation

Opportunities for the Dutch water sector to cooperate with the Balkan region occur within themes such as Water Technology, Circular Economy, Resilient Cities, and Finance for Water. Moreover, water security and water safety are high on the political agendas of the countries. The PFW Balkan focus approach further aims to addressing issues such as the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all (SDG6), as well as challenges related to involving industry, innovation and infrastructure (SDG9) in the creation of a circular economy and sustainable cities (SDG11). 


As part of the PFW programme of the Dutch government, NWP is actively involved in the collaboration of the Dutch water sector with the Balkan region. NWP’s activities include providing market information about the Balkan region to the Dutch water sector, organising (virtual) trade missions and tailor made events; and the facilitation of partnership building. 

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Interested to know more about PFW Balkan focus country activities? Contact our Project Manager Central & Eastern Europe Darja Kragić Kok.


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  • RVO, together with Embassies of the Netherlands in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Serbia, initiated a study to explore business opportunities for Dutch organisations in the field of wastewater and flood management in the Western Balkan region. Download the study.

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