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Finance for Water

If current trends continue, there will be a financing gap of $1200 billion between 2016 and 2030 for the realisation of water infrastructure needed to protect the world’s population from too much, too little and too polluted water. Worldwide, water projects are disproportionally financed with public money and future water challenges will never be met by the public sector alone, and certainly not in upcoming markets.
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Tabitha Gerrets
Tabitha Gerrets
Project Manager - Finance for Water, KIFFWA

Supporting financiers such as FMO

If we manage to bridge the gap between the finance and water sector, more (private) money will become available to meet worldwide water challenges. This is where NWP comes in. NWP brings the Dutch water sector and finance sector together in the Netherlands as well as internationally. Since 2017, NWP is supporting financiers (such as FMO) with the identification of bankable projects. We have organised several matchmaking events between the finance and Dutch water sector with the aim of stimulating a timely collaboration between the two sectors. 

Taskforce Finance IWC

As executor of the Dutch Government’s Partners for Water programme, NWP supports the Taskforce Finance of the Dutch Interdepartmental Water Cluster (IWC) with project identification in IWC countries and matching of Dutch water sector companies with potential development projects. 

The Taskforce Finance aims to give impetus to the use of financing modalities and public private partnerships. To accomplish this, the Taskforce Finance stimulates collaboration and coordination among Dutch public financiers by realizing impactful projects. These projects include opportunities for participation of Dutch organisations. 

Together with NWP and the Delta Team coordinators, the Taskforce identifies projects and advises the IWC steering comity. The ambition is to implement at least one project per focus country.

Innovative Finance Facilities for Water 

Internationally, the Netherlands Water Partnership has initiated and supported several innovative finance for water initiatives that provide finances for project development and expertise to water initiatives. The aim is to increase the financial feasibility of these initiatives and ensure that more water projects reach financial close. In doing so, new forms of (private) finance are being attracted, decreasing the sector’s dependence on public funding. Two concrete examples are the Water Finance Facility (focus on water utilities only) and the Kenya Innovative Finance Facility for Water - KIFFWA (focus on broader water sector, including water supply, waste water treatment, sanitation, irrigation, water resources management, aquaculture, hydropower and port development). Currently it is being explored whether these initiatives can be scaled and/or duplicated in other countries. 


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