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Water Technology


Centuries of living below sea level in a delta traversed by three major rivers, water technology has always been a challenge for the Netherlands. This history has created an entrepreneurial spirit and will to innovate, demonstrated by start-ups and scale-ups that devise new solutions for water related problems. Water technology, however, is not a stand-alone sector, but is part of a water management strategy in which integrated solutions and a multi-stakeholder approach are key elements.

Water technology
Annemarie Kruijt
Annemarie Kruijt
Region Manager - USA and Europe

A sustainable water cycle

Technology is fundamental in addressing issues such as the reuse of wastewater and adding value to the water cycle to make it more sustainable. For NWP, innovation in water technology is all about the water cycle and the need to reduce, reuse and recover wastewater. It is about improving the water cycle and adding value to treated wastewater so that it can be reused.

We would like to share and exchange knowledge, expertise and experiences internationally, thereby contributing to a circular economy and a sustainable future for all.

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