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Royal Eijkelkamp

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    Water Technology Innovation & Manufacturing

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Personal attention and a unique range of solutions: for more than 100 years, this has been our trademark at Royal Eijkelkamp. Royal Eijkelkamp has been devising, developing, producing and delivering smart solutions for water and soil related projects worldwide.

Different companies, one binding factor

Royal Eijkelkamp comprises of different companies with one binding factor: the focus on soil and water. Each of the companies has its own speciality, and together they can do complete turnkey projects.


• (Turnkey) Solutions for water & soil projects

• Smart sensoring & monitoring

• Project management

• Training & consultancy

Royal Eijkelkamp concentrates on soil and water related projects, related to the following themes: Land degradation, Food security, Natural resources, Land development, Urbanisation and Pollution.

Together you can do far more than you can all alone. This way of thinking, combining forces, sharing information and especially just doing gives us energy, especially because it produces a great deal of success.

Fons Eijkelkamp

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