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Urban Resilience


The world’s population is growing fast and the number of people living in cities is increasing rapidly. The need to increase the liveability and economic viability of urban areas also presents opportunities. The most urgent challenges and opportunities need to be defined and will be based on demand driven requests. The next step is to form partnerships and tailor-made coalitions that fit the local needs.

Urban Resilience - Resilient Cities - Netherlands Water Partnership
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Tim van de Staaij
Project Manager Urban Resilience
Photo of Janett Tapia
Janett Tapia
Project Manager Urban Resilience

Forging partnerships

In a time of rapid climate change it is necessary to join forces in order to increase knowledge and develop new insights. Urban areas and large cities are already facing challenges brought on by population pressure and climate change. Flood risk, water contamination and water shortages are already major threats in many places. Governments, cities, people and businesses constantly need to adapt to become more resilient to climate change and water crises.

A holistic approach and the inclusion of all stakeholders is necessary to make cities and urban areas more resilient. Forging long-term relationships, forming partnerships and exchanging knowledge can make our future more resilient. The work is never done and the urgency is more pressing than ever. Read more on the Dutch approach to making cities resilient.

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