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The United States and the Netherlands share many comparable water challenges and both have highly developed and compatible markets. The US water market is one of the world's largest and offers many opportunities for cooperation with the Dutch water sector. It is also complex, competitive and fragmented, and there are large differences between states and cities.

Annemarie Kruijt
Annemarie Kruijt
Region Manager - USA and Europe
Photo of Janett Tapia
Janett Tapia
Project Manager Urban Resilience

Areas for cooperation

NWP supports and facilitates US-Dutch partnerships at local level by linking Dutch knowledge and expertise with local USA challenges, often in close cooperation with the Dutch consular network in the USA.

Areas for cooperation include integrated water management solutions related to flood resilience, spatial adaptation, and flood early warning systems. Smart and efficient water technology solutions on waste and drinking water, and algae control are, among others, specific Dutch solutions that are highly desirable in the USA. 

Connecting US and Dutch water sectors

As part of the Partners for Water Programme, NWP’s activities provide US market information for Dutch companies, governments and knowledge institutions, identify opportunities for cooperation, and facilitate partnership building. We also host the Country Platform. We connect US networks and organisations to Dutch water knowledge. For example, during the yearly WEFTEC exhibition and congress. NWP contributes by organising and programming the joint Dutch participation. Interested in the USA? Please contact Annemarie.

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