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Water & Conflict

The world is facing a global water crisis brought on by decreasing freshwater resources resulting from poor water management, ecological degradation and climate change. At the same time, unequal distribution of water and increasing pressure on water due to population growth and economic development is making the situation worse. Competition over scarce water resources and water-related disasters have increased significantly in recent years.
Water Crisis - Refugee camp
Sabrina Doetjes
Sabrina Kraaijenbrink-Doetjes
Project Officer - MENA region, Water & Conflict

Study on Water & Crisis

In 2017, NWP commissioned a study entitled 'Water Crisis: Source of Conflict or Contribution to Stability' on the causes and implications of the water crisis and strategies to address it. If these issues are not addressed urgently, they are likely to increase migration and conflict. This is already happening in several countries and, given that it is surrounded by regions affected by a combination of water scarcity and political fragility, is of concern to Europe. 

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